Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post Holiday Blues(?)

Wow-they're over. 'nuf said.

I know this isn't about Lexington, but you have to love Roland Burris. The newly appointed Junior Senator from Illinois. He's going to Washington no matter what. He left yesterday and, bless his heart, flew Southwest on his own dime. Regularly elected officials should take note.

And what about the BCS. The Utes can't ever be #1 since they are not in the correct conference. They'll be lucky to be ranked #3. Come on Obama. Withhold some cash from BCS schools till they see the folly of a no playoff system.

Sunday starts the 43rd Annual Meeting of PCMA! It will be my 16th since 1992. I have missed only Nashville, San Francisco and Boston. This will be the fourth time NOLA has hosted the event. Side discussions should prove to be interesting. The economy and a new administration will definitely enhance the usually boring sessions. That's not a slam on the sessions. Everyone knows we attend PCMA for the other conversations we find ourselves in. One of the most productive moments for me was when I butted in on Bob Battel and Mickie Schaeffer and their discussion of the Certified Ambassador Program, which we later adopted. Thanks Mickie!

Congrats go out to my sales team. They exceeded their stretch goal for 2008 and set an all time booking record. Way to Go!!! I hope they are ready for their 2009 goals . . .