Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas in Chicago

Every midwest meeting planner is familiar with "Holiday Showcase". I had not attended in several (that is 10) years as tradeshows have nearly detroyed my back. Since I was going to be in Chicago anyway, and in an effort to save the bureau some money, I volunteered this year.

OUCH! But not my back. I took my wife, Maxine, along. Now don't get me wrong. She is great with customers and really knows our business. But shopping on Michigan Ave in December can really hurt. For some reason the term "recession" means nothing to her. The only upside is some of that pain may find its way under the Christmas tree with my name on the tag. I can only hope.

I had forgotten what Holiday Showcase really had become. It is the perfect opportunity for meeting planners and or their office staffs, to shop for thier grandkids. Not to mention hoteliers and bureau reps begging for swag for their kids. When I was just a rookie sales manager for a major hotel chain, I think I remember actually doing a little business.

Do you know what else I noticed? Where did the 20 something sales reps go? Everyone seemed older. Less hair. More mature. Wiser. My kind of people. I liked it.

Maybe doing business is too highly regarded. I don't think I will give anything away next year. But I will have wine. Lots of wine. Lets just have fun next year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

First Day!

Welcome to my very first day of blogging!!!!!

It seems like I have been a blogging spectator and now I am getting sent in to play. I hope this will not just be the rantings of a tourism junkie but a very inciteful and informative posting of what is really going on around town. However, if its a junkie you want, I'll be there for you.

If its whats going on after dark, I'll send you to someone else's blog. I'm not a night person anymore. But I do hear things. And I know people.

So, we entertained 45 faculty from the University of Kentucky at the Boone Center today for lunch. Almost all of them have sponsored conventions in Lexington or have them scheduled for upcoming years. WOW. That's what we are all about. Promoting Lexington for meetings and conventions.

See you next week.