Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our 15th-But who's counting

Isn't M&C Magazine suppose to notify you if you have won the coveted "Gold Service Award"?
For the 15th time?
Because planners vote on the winners.
And because Bond and Becca are REALLY good at service!

You know we were inducted into the M&C Mag Hall of Fame in 2007.

And we don't advertise with them anylonger . . .

What a nice early Christmas present.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Social Networking isn't for kids

42% of people online now use social-networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

More than half of social networkers log on at least once a day and the majority log on several times a day.

The majority of users log on at home but I think they are lying to the surveyers. I think most log on at work, but that's just me.

About 19% or over the age of 55.

And the majority of all users are women between the ages of 35-54.

I really don't know what I think about all this.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Meetings Facts

According to the latest surveys;

What's most important when selecting a meetings destination?

1) Overall affordability
2) Drive access
3) Air access
4) Relationship with the CVB
5) Nearby amenities and attractions

WOW! That sounds just like Lexington

22% of the meeting planners polled have recently traded up to a property that was typically to pricey.

Meeting pros were asked: for which of the following items are hoteliers most willing to make concessions?

Guest Room Rate 63.9%
Room Rental Fees 48.5%
F&B Costs 44.3%
Attrition Fees 37.1%
Cancellation Fees 23.7%

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Great Travel Facts

If you rent a car, spend the night in a hotel and eat dinner, what would you pay in taxes?
NY, NY $34.90
Dallas $37.26
Orlando $25.12
Portland $21.49

Lexington, KY $16.89

"We'll never substitute for face to face interaction, but there are alternatives that can ease the strain for some travel.There will be growing demand for alternative, affordable solutions. Ignore this, or assume things will spring back to the way they were, at your peril."

Top Ten Subjets for International Meetings in 2008
1) Medical Sciences
2) Technology
3) Science
4) Industry
5) Social Sciences
6) Education
7) Law
8) Economics
9) Management
10) Transportation

are you suprised or do you even care . . .