Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spotlight Lexington Festival

The world is coming to Lexington in just 18 short months ( a long month?). Thousands and thousands of people will be here with freshly minted cash! Perfect! Nothing beats a recession or depression like thousands of visitors with money to spend. That's a stimulus package.

The festival will begin September 24 and end on October 10. Each day the festival will host activities at three vacations; Courthouse Plaza, Triangle Park and Cheapside Park. Medal ceremonies will be held each evening and all competitions can be seen on a jumbo screen located at Courthouse Plaza.

Of course, no real festival can exist without branded merchandise and all kinds of merchandise will be available soon. Stay tuned for more info on where to buy.

The most promising aspect of the festival is the willingness for it to become an annual event. Hear, Hear. More great festivals are a good thing! Legacy events are measured on what remains after the event is over. This should only increase the legacy.

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