Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Great Travel Facts

If you rent a car, spend the night in a hotel and eat dinner, what would you pay in taxes?
NY, NY $34.90
Dallas $37.26
Orlando $25.12
Portland $21.49

Lexington, KY $16.89

"We'll never substitute for face to face interaction, but there are alternatives that can ease the strain for some travel.There will be growing demand for alternative, affordable solutions. Ignore this, or assume things will spring back to the way they were, at your peril."

Top Ten Subjets for International Meetings in 2008
1) Medical Sciences
2) Technology
3) Science
4) Industry
5) Social Sciences
6) Education
7) Law
8) Economics
9) Management
10) Transportation

are you suprised or do you even care . . .

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