Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Road Trip!

Lexington is a great drive in destination for many people. Our location at the crossroads of I 64 and I 75 makes us very accessible. Once here, having a car is a definite advantage.  We are surrounded by lush landscapes in every direction. You will definitely want to get out and wander the back roads.  Head out on an arterial road from downtown Lexington in any direction, and within minutes you will be in horse farm country.

If time is short, just take Broadway heading north. The road changes name and becomes Paris Pike. Years ago, the road from Lexington to Paris was a narrow two lane road with no shoulders and lined with crumbling rock fences. The beautiful road you travel now is the result of years of negotiating, lobbying, planning, regrading and rebuilding. The Paris Pike Project has won national acclaim and serves as a model for highway projects through sensitive historic landscapes. This remarkable road between Paris and Lexington passes through some of the finest real estate in the Bluegrass Region and is home to hundreds of Thoroughbreds, each with their own story and each representing the hopes and dreams of horse owners and trainers.

Need help finding good prices before you head out?? Check out this link: www.visitlex.com/gas-prices.php.

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